Introduction to Raspberry PI

It is a small single board computer which can perform all basic functions which a laptop or a Desktop PC can do. It even has its own OS(Operating system). If we want we can change it and boot our favorite OS.

In this blog you are going to learn how to boot Fedora ARM in a SD-Card and boot up Fedora.

Installing fedora ARM

For the 1st step, you need to download Etcher(a free and open-source utility used for burning image files such as .iso and .img files)

Now Download the Fedora ARM (Your favorite version). I have installed Fedora 29

Now, Open etcher and select your ARM by clicking on Select Image


After this You need to select you drive(Your SD Card) where you need to burn the image by clicking Select Drive

Now, wait Patiently and when its done(It says Flash Complete) you need to put you SD card back to your slot and then Boot up Fedora.

It will continue with the boot where you need to setup a Username and password. After sometime you should be welcomed by Fedora.